Package qupath.lib.roi

package qupath.lib.roi
Classes that define regions of interest (ROIs).
  • Class
    Implementation of an arbitrary area ROI - which could contain disjointed or hollow regions.
    Helper method for calculating the convex hull from a list of points.
    Default comparator to enable ROIs to be sorted in a more predictable manner.
    ROI implementing a circle, or (unrotated) ellipse.
    ROI based on Java Topology Suite Geometry objects.
    Convert between QuPath ROI objects and Java Topology Suite Geometry objects.
    Converter to help switch from a ROI to a Geometry.
    Builder to help define how ROIs and Geometry objects should be converted.
    ROI representing a straight line, defined by its end points.
    ROI representing a collection of 2D points (distinct x,y coordinates).
    ROI representing an arbitrary closed polygon.
    ROI representing an arbitrary open polyline.
    ROI representing a square or rectangle (unrotated).
    Helper class for interactively modifying existing ROIs.
    This class consists exclusively of static methods that operate on or return regions of interest (ROIs).
    A collection of static methods for working with ROIs.
    Methods of combining two ROIs.
    Helper methods for simplifying shapes, such removing polygon points while retaining the a similar overall shape at a coarser level.