Package qupath.lib.plugins.parameters

package qupath.lib.plugins.parameters
Defines classes for handling parameters used in interactive dialogs or as method arguments.
  • Class
    Parameter that can take on true of false value - or null.
    Parameter that supports a list of choices.
    Parameter to represent a floating point numeric value.
    Parameter that doesn't actually store any value, but might contain some useful text (or a title) that may need to be displayed.
    Parameter to represent an integer numeric value.
    Abstract parameter to represent a numeric value.
    Interface defining algorithm parameters, which need to be displayed to users somehow.
    Interface for objects that need to be notified when parameters have their values changed.
    Interface for indicating that the implementing class takes adjustable parameters.
    A collection of Parameters, which can be used for analysis & queried to construct appropriate GUIs.
    Parameter to represent a String value.