Class LogManager


public class LogManager extends Object
Manage logging levels.
Pete Bankhead
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  • Constructor Details

    • LogManager

      public LogManager()
  • Method Details

    • logToFile

      public static void logToFile(File file)
      Request logging to the specified file.
      file -
    • setRootLogLevel

      public static void setRootLogLevel(LogManager.LogLevel level)
      Set the root log level.
      level -
    • getRootLogLevel

      public static LogManager.LogLevel getRootLogLevel()
      Set the root log level, as set by this manager. This is not guaranteed to match the actual root log level, in case it has been set elsewhere.
    • rootLogLevelProperty

      public static ObjectProperty<LogManager.LogLevel> rootLogLevelProperty()
      Property representing the current requested root log level.
      See Also:
    • setDebug

      public static void setDebug()
      Set the root log level to DEBUG.
    • setInfo

      public static void setInfo()
      Set the root log level to DEBUG.
    • setWarn

      public static void setWarn()
      Set the root log level to LogLevel.WARN.
    • setError

      public static void setError()
      Set the root log level to LogLevel.ERROR.
    • setTrace

      public static void setTrace()
      Set the root log level to LogLevel.TRACE.
    • setAll

      public static void setAll()
      Set the root log level to LogLevel.ALL.
    • setOff

      public static void setOff()
      Set the root log level to LogLevel.OFF.
    • addTextAppendableFX

      public static void addTextAppendableFX(TextAppendable component)
      Register a TextAppendable that will be accept logging events and be updated on the JavaFX Application thread.
      component - the appendable to add
    • removeTextAppendableFX

      public static void removeTextAppendableFX(TextAppendable component)
      Deregister a TextAppendable so that it will no longer be informed of logging events.
      component - the appendable to remove