Package qupath.lib.display

package qupath.lib.display
Classes to control the display of images in a QuPathViewer.

Warning! These are likely to change in a future version of QuPath.

  • Class
    Interface used to control the display of single channels of image data, where 'single channel' means one value per pixel (in Java's parlance, one band for the SampleModel).
    Helper interface to indicate that the display ranges can be modified.
    Display mode for an image channel, used in combination with ImageDisplay and ChannelDisplayInfo.
    ChannelInfo intended for use with a single or multichannel image (possibly fluorescence) where the pixel's value is used to scale a single color according to a specified display range according to the following rules: If the pixel's value is >= maxDisplay, the pure color is used. If the pixel's value is <= minDisplay, the black is used. Otherwise, a scaled version of the color is used The end result is like having a lookup table (LUT) that stretches from black to the 'pure' color specified, but without actually generating the LUT.
    Class used to look after the color transforms that may be applied to an image, including brightness/contrast settings.
    ChannelDisplayInfo that determines colors based upon a single value for each pixel.